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RESCUE SYSTEMS Product Catalog. 2 JL-32B JL-24 JL-27 TOOLS OF THE TRADE When lives hang in the balance, emergency services personnel the world over look to Hurst Jaws of Life®. service life. All tools feature a shear seal-type control valve with “deadman” release for safe, positive, operation.

Hydraulic Cutters Holmatro stationary cutters are equipped with a rotation mechanism that makes it possible to rotate a tool in any direction and under any angle. The operator can cut objects without first having to place them in a particular position.

A single Hurst Jaws of Life cutter and power unit runs about $25,000. Hydraulic cutters only a few years old wouldn’t shear the strengthened steel roof posts. A job that should have taken a few min.

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The Eastwood Electric Metal Shears with rotating jaws slices easily through steel up to 18-gauge thick. Jaws rotate 360 degrees to cut straight or irregular shapes Variable 0-2500-rpm speed Replaceable blades give this tool longer life If you’ve ever tried to.

The Wiss Metal Master Straight Aviation Snips are capable of cutting left, right and straight in light stock. The snips are made with molybdenum steel to help ensure strength and have nonslip serrated jaws for cutting efficiency.

Sep 16, 2015  · Hurst Jaws of Life, Inc., an industry leading global manufacturer of rescue tools, has introduced StrongArm™, a versatile, multipurpose tool that fills a critical need for fire, technical rescue.

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With sweat dripping down their noses, Ventura County firefighters on Tuesday pried off two doors and the roof of a beat-up Pontiac to show off their extrication skills with a lifesaving tool best know.

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tool with many uses in both rescue and forcible entry. each tool, the jaws of life and the shears can be operated seperately or together.

Onlookers gathered at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn Wednesday morning as heavy-duty shears cut into the side of a Buick to remove people stuck inside the car. No one was hurt, though; the “jaws of.

Hydraulic rescue tools are used by emergency rescue personnel to assist vehicle extrication of crash victims, as well as other rescues from small spaces. These tools include cutters, spreaders, and rams.Such devices were first used in 1963 as a tool to free race car.

Los Angeles County firefighters from Fire Station 104 work to assemble hydraulic shears, commonly known as the “Jaws of Life” used to free a victim trapped inside a mangled car. The crash on Plum Cany.

The Jaws of Life are used when an accident victim is trapped. The term extrication refers to the process of freeing or releasing someone. There can be a variety of reasons that the Jaws of Life are necessary.

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The crash occurred on Olympic Parkway near Brandywine Road just before 6 a.m. The road was shut down in both directions as firefighters used the jaws of life to rescue the woman who was trapped in her.

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A to Z: J is for Jaws of Life The Hurst tool, also known as the Jaws of Life, is a hydraulic rescue tool most often used during vehicle extrication. It’s actually a whole line of hydraulic rescue tools, including cutters, spreaders, and rams.

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George Hurst is credited with inventing the first hydraulic rescue tools in the early 1960s to rescue race car drivers after crashes. His company today is called Hurst Jaws of Life. The term Jaws of Life, however, was coined by Mike Brick who started the Phoenix Rescue Equipment Company. It alludes to snatching people from the jaws of death.

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Elected officials walked. roof of a sedan with the Jaws of Life tools to rescue a simulated victim. “That was awesome,” said Eureka City Councilwoman Kim Bergel, moments after the car roof was torn.

Lukas Jaws of Life Kit. Cutter Spreader. Portable Hydraulic Pump with Petrol Motor. Petrol motor could do with a service. Jaws have a weld on them see picture.

It trapped the passenger inside and we had to use the hydraulic shears or, "jaws of life" to extricate her. She was stable when we loaded her onto the rescue truck. Patch: What do you do to unwind aft.

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The IRWIN Gilbow G950 is a straight shear with no crank to the handle and slightly longer jaws. As with the entire Gilbow range, the blades are hardened and tempered ensuring a keen long lasting cutting edge.

Rick Moore, holding the jaws of life shears, speaks to Gowanda Fire Chief Nick Crassi as they are cutting the frame of the truck. Though many of the heroes nowadays are wearing capes on the big screen.

They took turns removing the doors from the vehicle using hydraulic cutters, spreaders and shears known as “jaws of life.” Next, the team removed the roof from the vehicle, cutting each roof support p.

Firefighters cut through the glass of the cars’ windshields with a specially designed saw blade, used mammoth hydraulic shears to snap metal and wielded the Jaws of Life, which open up to stretch and.

The shears, shaped like a giant lobster claw. referring to the tool commonly known as the “Jaws of Life.” The grant is particularly welcome at a time of tightening government budgets, fire official.

A traffic collision in the Valencia business park involving a pickup truck and another vehicle, prompted firefighters to use hydraulic shears to free a person. called for the Jaws of Life,” she sai.

They had to use the Jaws of Life, hydraulic equipment and winch systems to get to. The car was flipped off its side while the firefighter was inside. They also had to shear the roof off of the car,

May 02, 2017  · Today we have more options than ever from those scissors used in neurosurgery to the familiar gas-powered opposing blades known as “The Jaws of Life.”

Scissors are hand-operated shearing tools. A pair of scissors consists of a pair of metal blades pivoted so that the sharpened edges slide against each other when the handles (bows) opposite to the pivot are closed. Scissors are used for cutting various thin materials, such as paper, cardboard, metal foil, cloth, rope, and wire.A large variety of scissors and shears all exist for specialized.

Jaws of life definition, a heavy-duty tool that can cut through metal or pry sections of it apart: used especially to free people trapped in wrecked vehicles. See more.

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