Chainsaw File Sizes Chart

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Once you have this number, you can match it to the file size that is listed on the file chart for the chain. The packaging on new chains indicates all sharpening specs. If you’ve lost your manual or can’t find the information online, you can measure the pitch of the chain.

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Which file do I need? There are a number of different sized files available. Please use the table below to identify which file suits you chain.

Since 1979 Premium Saw Chain have been delivering the replacement chainsaw chains and chainsaw accessories throughout the UK | Chain Number Conversion

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Dec 13, 2010  · Stihl Chains & File Sizes. thaNKs! thats a good chart. Mirek, Nov 21, 2010 #3. Swamp Yankee Addicted to ArboristSite. Joined: Nov 5, 2007. not larger size when getting down to the last of the tooth? The new-tooth file size starts cutting into the.

as compared to other STIHL yellow-labeled chains. Read and follow the yellow warning information included with these chains. STIHL recommends the use of 3/8" sprockets in combination with STIHL green-labeled, low-kickback saw chain and STIHL green.

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Since 1979 Premium Saw Chain have been delivering the replacement chainsaw chains and chainsaw accessories throughout the UK | Chain Number Conversion

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File Chart. A file chart is used to determine the size of the file that will sharpen the cutter correctly. The file size simply matches the depth gauge code number, alternative depth gauge markings, or pitch of a chain to the right file size.

Chainsaw chains are available in almost limitless combinations of sizes, types, and features. This is because chainsaws themselves also vary greatly in size and application. When it’s time to replace a chain, it is especially important to have all the right information regarding the chainsaw and its chain size.

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Since 1979 Premium Saw Chain have been delivering the replacement chainsaw chains and chainsaw accessories throughout the UK | Chain Number Conversion

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Chainsaw Chain Guide PDF **This includes everything you could possibly want to know about chains, types of chain, important maintenence tips and safety information as well -.